Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back in Canada

Okay, so it's been over a week since I've been back in Canada and I've begun to adjust to my regular way of life.Though I still have some general fatigue, I believe that I'm over my "sleep madness", as my friend Max likes to call it. I'm beginning to adjust to being back in Canada. There are things that I've noticed about Japan and North America. Things that annoy me.

1. In Japan, just about everyone dresses very well. Even store employees do because they all have uniforms and they all look nice and neat. In North America, most people do not dress well. In fact, they dress like homeless people do. Honestly, for the first little while I was in Japan, I thought that there was no homelessness, but then I realized that homeless people there dress about as well as normal people here. I guess North Americans just suffer from a general lack of self-respect and discipline.

2. Despite the lack of available garbage cans in Japan, the streets are nearly spotless. It was only on the rare occasion that I would notice trash lying about. Contrary to North America, where there are trash cans everywhere (at least in my city) and the streets are full of garbage.

3. It seems like nearly everything in Japan is recyclable, while here in North America we're limited as to what we can put in our blue box every week. Honestly, with the current ecological state of the world, this seems damn irresponsible.

4. Just about every store in Japan has some kind of points card or loyalty program. I find this both awesome and a bit of a pain. It's a good way to keep business booming and to reward the customer, but it also promotes consumerism and fills people's wallets with tons of point cards that ultimately have little use.

Just some of my personal observations from my experiences in Japan.

Also, even though I should be saving my money for important things, I can't seem to stop buying stuff that I don't need. I wish there were some way to just turn off this lust for material things. Why do I feel a compulsion to buy all of the time? It's beginning to make me feel sick some days.

To end this on a positive note, I've been eating a lot better recently. Much better than I was eating before I left for Japan. This is a very good thing.


  1. I'm pretty much with you on every point white boi.
    Everyone here dresses like a slob. I've been dressing a bit more nicely when I work at my second job now, but even at the Metro, with mandatory Metro shirts, they walk around un buttoned, not tucked into pants, drives me nuts.
    The garbage thing is ridiculous, but I don't see it changing any time soon...
    An annoyance for me I notice here, is the over-weight problem I may have told you already. I miss my skinny lil Japanese girls in skirts and panty hose D: (quote of the day?)

  2. Anton if you could choose to live in Japan rather than Canada - would you?