Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hong Kong Day 3

Today was a very lazy day. Too lazy, if you ask me.
The day started off just fine. We had no planned events, so after having a coffee in the morning with my parents, we all set out to see about finding a bank and a post office. This was around 9am, but nothing was open yet aside from a few cafes. As it turns out, most places don't open until 11am. Not sure if it was just because it was Saturday or if that's a daily thing. In any case, we all split up and agreed to meet up at 12:30 for lunch.

After walking around the mall for about an hour, I headed back to the hotel room to rest. After all, I had no money and nothing was yet open. The rain was still coming down outside, so I followed all of the covered paths back to the hotel. Around 1pm, everyone came back to the hotel. It seems that my brother and I were under the impression that we were meeting back at the rooms, while my parents thought we were meeting back in the lobby. In any case, we all set out to find something to eat.

We ended up taking in lunch at Shakey's, which is known for its pizza. The food was really delicious, but the portions were quite small for the high price. After lunch we grabbed some treats from a nearby bakery, some coffee from Starbucks, and headed back to the hotel to relax. I grabbed some melon bread from the bakery, and it was delicious. Far better than any of the melon breads I had tried while in Japan. My parents decided to go explore the hotel and find the swimming pool. They left my brother and I do to what we wanted, but they charged me with a small errand to get done that day.

After spending some time in the hotel, I noticed that the rain had finally let up. Not wanting to miss this opportunity, I grabbed my camera and set out to take a walk. I explored a bit of the area but spent most of my time walking through Shatin park. Though I had spent a good deal of time in the area during my last visit to Hong Kong, a lot had changed. Everything looked much nicer and cleaner.
I snapped a few pictures and sat down on a bench. Two little kids approached me and asked me a question, but I didn't understand and told them I only spoke English. The nodded and carried on. They then stopped and asked a man the same question, and it seems they just wanted to know what time it was.

Finally, it was about time I headed back to the mall to get that errand done. Since it was Saturday afternoon, the mall seemed more packed than ever. I got turned around in the wrong direction, but finally found the book store I was looking for. I had spotted it that morning during my wandering. It was right next to this neat little hobby shop. The shop had all kinds of figures and fashion magazines. The store even had the Lawson's limited edition Evangelion Revoltech figure. Something I may have to go back for.

Once I got back to the hotel, a wave of exhaustion fell upon me. I don't know why, but I was suddenly so tire. Laying down, I fell almost immediately to sleep. From this point on, my memories are a bit hazy. I remember my parents trying to wake me to go eat, but I couldn't get up. Sleep was all that was important. Around 9:30pm Grace called an told me that the hair brushing ceremony was about to start. This was the first part of the wedding ceremony and it takes place the day before the wedding. I didn't know what to do. My parents and brother were gone and I didn't know where they were and had no way of contacting them. I told Grace I would let them know when they got back, but I fell right back to sleep and was plagued by nightmares.

Thirty minutes later Grace called back to let me know that the ceremony was over. I felt so ashamed. Here I was in Hong Kong for her wedding, yet I couldn't keep awake to make it to the first part. She told me that we would meet tomorrow morning at 8:30 at her room for the wedding. I said good night and fell right back to sleep. Sometime later, my brother and parents came back. I passed along the message, and then immediately fell back into a deep sleep. Tomorrow was the big day. Here's hoping I don't sleep through it.

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