Monday, November 8, 2010

Hong Kong Day 5

Today turned out to be another adventure, thought that wasn't what I had planned on. I was expecting to go to Mong Kok and find some souvenirs, but before I knew it, I was off to lunch with everyone. After a short bus ride, we all arrived at Star Seafood Restaurant, which is a floating restaurant built upon an old boat. The place is extravagant and huge. Not only that, but the food was delicious. I wish that I could eat steamed pork buns every day forever.
Once we were done eating, we said farewell to April, one of Grace's friends, who had to catch her flight home. We parted ways and then Grace and Ben invited us over to see their new home. Their place was located at the top floor of a 35 story apartment complex. The view was spectacular. Grace told us that her and Ben looked at about 10 different places before deciding upon that one.

Our visit to their home was very brief, and soon we were on another bus heading out to Sai Kung, a fishing town outside of the city. It was a really beautiful spot. Along the docks fishers would fill their boats with little buckets containing what they had caught that day and will sell them right off the boat to customers. The town also had all kinds of little shops, pubs, and cafes. We stopped at one spot and had some drinks. It was great. A beer just tastes better after walking around in the sun all day. Sai Kung is also home to a lot of foreigners living in Hong Kong. Though we probably still looked like tourists, we didn't stand out as much in the town.

We all went back to the hotel together, and while I spent the next couple of hours relaxing, many of Grace's friends spent their time packing, as their flights home were leaving that evening. Before they all left, we all gathered together once more and said our farewells. I'm sure it won't be too long before we all meet again.

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