Monday, April 12, 2010

Japan Day 4

On day four we had our first bit of rain in Nagoya. Fortunately, it lasted only in the early morning and by the time we went into town to grab breakfast, it had cleared up. Of course, it was another early morning. I think that the time difference has something to do with our sleep schedule or maybe it's just that we're having way too much fun during the day and we end up exhausting ourselves. Honestly, day four was kind of a lazy day that didn't have us doing much of anything at all. The inn we stayed at was really nice, so we ended up spending a good part of the hanging out in the room. We went out pretty early and grabbed breakfast at a convenience store. The boxed lunches they have are seriously delicious. Probably not entirely healthy for breakfast, but whatever. It was quite filling. I grabbed two cans of coffee and decided it was the last time that I drink canned coffee. We'll see how long that lasts.

After spending the morning inn watching Japanese television (even the advertisements are entertaining!!), we went into Nagoya and decided to do some shopping. I don't think we bought anything, though. I know that I didn't, but I wasn't really paying attention to what Patrick and Tim were up to. Looked around in some really nice clothing stores and we saw some really awesome stuff. Japan is the height of youth fashion, in my opinion. I was really surprised at the prices of the clothing. Honestly, I was expecting stuff to be a lot more expensive, but the shirts I was looking at were only about $19 and jackets around $70. By the end of the trip, I'll probably end up ditching my current wardrobe for some nice new threads. However, we're waiting to get back to Shibuya before we do any serious clothes shopping. We also paid a visit to Biccamera which was CRAZY! It's basically a huge electronics department store. I felt a little overwhelmed, so I couldn't stay there too long. While I was in there, I did check out a lot of video games. So many awesome titles that will probably never get released in Canada. I was tempted to buy a couple, but wouldn't have been able to play them due to either region codes or my lack of understanding.

We did a lot of wandering in the city and paid a visit to a really big department store that was attatched to the main train station. Here we found more clothing shops with even trendier clothes. However, they were also a lot more expensive. Shirts were in the $40 range. I didn't really look at too much else. After that, Tim headed back to the inn while Patrick and I quickly stopped at an internet cafe to book our stay at the next hostel. However, the online booking had to be done at least 72 hours in advance so I just gave them a call and booked that way. After we left the 'net cafe, we stopped at Biccamera again so I could look at some new headphones. Nothing really caught my fancy, though. Again, something I'l wait to buy once I'm back in Tokyo.

We all grabbed dinner at this place called Pepper Lunch which was pretty nice and super quick. We ordered at the vending machine out front, sat down, and literally five mintues (or less) later, we had our food. It was tasty, too. Teriyaki steak with rice and bean sprouts. We then stopped by a drugstore so I could look for postcards, but I couldn't find any. So, we bought some snacks and beer and went back to the inn and chilled out. After taking a bath, we watched some more TV and then fell asleep.

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  1. Every time I read one of your blog entries I get jealous T-T

    I also start with Control-F: arcade


    How expensive is food there? I ask cause I'm hungryyyyyy

    I was able to purchase a few region-free games from Japan..I'll try to take a picture of the back of one of them so you can see how to tell if it's region free. Err mind you I got them for 360