Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Japan Day 6

Starting in this entry, I'm going to introduce Tim Quotes. All along this journey, Tim has been saying some hilarious things, so I'm going to chronicle his funny sayings in these new Tim Quotes. Here are some of the best so far:

- Anton, sometimes I want to cry, but the tears just won't come out.

- Or as Patrick likes to say, "douchebag." You're a douchebag.

- I like the white stuff. Please don't quote that.

Day six in Japan, day two in Osaka. For breakfast, we took in a traditional Japanese breakfast at the hostel. I believe it will be the last time we eat fish, rice, bamboo, and miso so early in the morning. It was good, but not what I would consider breakfast food. After breakfast, we went into Osaka to explore the city. We ended up spending a good amount of the afternoon shopping. I ended up buying a couple of shirts at UNIQLO and a t-shirt from X-Large. We were also in this crazy awesome department store. It was a total geek heaven. Figures games, and all kinds of other awesome stuff. It took a lot of will power to not buy anything.

After some lunch at this sweet burger place called Big Man, we headed to Osaka castle to take in some culture for a change. On the walk through the park to the castle, we saw some young guys playing baseball, and all kinds of people sitting under the cherry trees. The act of viewing cherry blossoms is called Hanami and it looked like everyone was enjoying themselves eating and drinking under the trees. Osaka castle was pretty cool. Though, it cost money to actually go up into the castle, so we just kind of walked around the outside and took some nice pictures.

We were getting pretty hungry, and the park was closing, so we headed back to the hostel. Looking for a good place to eat that we could all enjoy (Patrick doesn't like curry) was proving fruitless, so we ended up getting dinner at a convenience store again. It was kind of a surprise when we got to the hostel cafeteria to find it full of young Japanese women in uniform. Looks like they were part of some tour group? I wasn't too sure. Anyway, it felt like we weren't allowed to be there, but we ended up eating anyway.

Around 8 o'clock the hostel served coffee and tea in the lobby and they had a special event. There was a singer/songwriter from Kyoto named Naoto Takahashi performing a short acoustic set. He was really good. Though I couldn't understand everything in his songs, there seemed to be a continuing theme of giving. It was pretty awesome. After he was done performing, he hung around with some of the people in the lobby. Tim and I started arm wrestling and I was defeated. After that, some of the other guys in the lobby, including Naoto Takahashi, began challenging us! It was a lot of fun. :)

By that time, it was getting late, so we all turned in for the evening.


  1. Antonio, this is amazing. I hope you can keep up on a daily basis of your journey. It's nice to be in touch with all you are doing. Kind of reminds me of old times...reading journal entries and such. Well best wishes to your next journey. <3


  2. Wow, these updates are really fun to read! Haha, I can only imagine someone hearing the Tim quotes and going Ô_o

    Have you guys attempted to track down Hard Gay yet?

  3. There's perfectly good reasons to all my quotes, but yeah, most of the time it turns out hilarious.
    Arm wrestling was tons of fun, the I held up for a while agaisnt the second guy, but Naoto-San destroyed me. My arm was jelly afterwards.